Hello, I am Dmytro

I am a developer, entrepreneur, and team leader.

I design and build software, and can find and lead the people who do it better than myself. While doing that, I can bridge the communication gap between tech, design, and business teams.

I currently work as Director of Engineering at abillion, a Singaporean sustainability startup with the vision of having 1 billion people commit to plant-based living by 2030.

Just before that, I was the technical director at Fresh Turf,  a Singaporean startup specialising on logistics innovation, where I focused on computer vision systems,  microservices, automation, and CI/CD pipelines.

I also co-host Creative Mornings Singapore, a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. If you're in Singapore, come join us every Friday of the month for a cup of coffee and a dose of inspiration.

Get in touch 📡

Let's work together! Drop me an email: me@unclenorton.com